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Couple in car, holding new key fob.

broken and malfunctioning key/fob


Broken Key or Fob???

Don't replace it --- RECASE IT!

Broken key fob

In many circumstances we can take the electronics out of your broken key or fob, and replace just the case. Better yet, many of our cases are made of higher quality material, and last longer than the original!

We have hundreds of cases, shells, and button pads available for many remote key fobs and smart keys fobs just like the pictures below.

honda remote key shell
Lexus Remote Key Shell
Key Fob Shell
gm remote shell
toyota remote shell

Please note: Your current remote or key fob electronics need to be functional. We can attempt to correct issues with the electronic portion of the key or fob, but cannot guarantee functionality. This solution is primarily focused on replacing the case (or shell) portion of your current key or fob when the plastic shell has broken, or worn out.


Is your current key or fob causing problems?

We have solutions that H-E-L-P!

Our Pro Automotive Locksmiths offer FREE Diagnostic Services, Informational Videos and BLOGS to help navigate many of today's most difficult automotive security challenges.

Speak with an Automotive Security Professional.

Visit us at one of our shop locations (by appointment).

We Are the Dealership Alternative.

We have hundreds of SKUs - thousands of keys, remotes, and fobs - in stock ready for you today!

If we don't have what you need in stock, we can rapid order your key or fob, and have it shipped overnight.    

Shop with us 24/7.We offer forward-thinking solutions like: Online Price Estimates, Online Appointments, and an E-commerce Store.

We can come to you!  - OR - Come visit one of our centrally located storefronts and SAVE!

We provide cutting and programming services for more than 90% of the most common vehicles on the road today - even without the original key or fob available.

We can save you money! Our customers consistenly report significant savings when compared to dealer prices!

Customer Experience:

Don't take just our word for it. Check out the experience other customers have had with us. 

At KeySource, Inc. we make it easy to get a spare key or fob for your vehicle!

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