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Send referrals  get rewards!

How It Works

Step 1: Sign up to become a Referral Source.
Simply enter your information in the form below. We will notify you every time you receive points!

Step 2: Send us customers.
Know someone looking for a car key, remote, or fob? Send them our way!

The best place to send them to is the
"24/7 Online Price Estimate" form on our website:

You receive 50 BONUS POINTS for every customer that completes a contact form, even if they don't buy from us!

Customers can also call us for an estimate... However, the online form contains the same questions we will ask on the phone, and you lose the bonus points when they call. 

Be sure to tell your customers to let us know who sent them! There is a question on the online form asking the customer how they found us. The customer should enter your name on the form.

Step 3: Earn points.
You'll receive one point for every dollar the customer spends on a new car key, remote, or fob (pre-tax). You'll receive notification every time you earn points.

Please note: Notifications will be sent during normal business hours.

Step 4: Get rewards.
Points accrue throughout each quarter of the year. You will receive notification of your total points and corresponding reward at the end of the quarter. See below for current rewards!


Beach or Mountains? You choose!

Rewards, 2021 - 4th Quarter


Top Referral Source for 4th Quarter = Weekend Get-Away to the Beach or Mountains!!!

Point Rewards

500 points - $20 Visa Gift Card

1000 points - KeySource hoodie

2000 points - $100 Visa Gift Card

3000 points - KeySource Swag Bag (includes gift cards and sweet gear!)

4000 points - Dinner and a Movie (Village Tavern gift card, Two movie tickets, and Dessert!)

5000+ points - KeySource Ultimate Swag Bag (includes our best gear, gifts, and gift cards!)


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