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Residential Locksmith Professionals



Unlocking new horizons in residential locksmithing.

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Rekey Residential Door Lock

Rekeying of standard residential door lock (Kwikset, Schlage, etc).


Install New Residential Door Lock

Installation of new door locks where no lock was previously present. Includes drilling or cutting new holes in the door and frame for proper fit.  

A common example of this would be if you would like a deadbolt lock installed on a door where there was not one present before. New holes will need to be measured and drilled into the door and frame, in addition to, the new lock being installed.


Residential Key Origination

Originating (making) a new key for a standard residential lock when no keys are available for the lock.


Exchange Residential Lock Hardware

Installing a new lock where an old lock used to be. Exchanging or swapping a customer's lock hardware. 


No new holes need to be drilled or cut. No adjustments are needed to the door, or door frame.

An example of this would be updating an old or faulty lock with a new lock in the same location.

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